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46 Concerts In 46 Cities To Elect The 46th President

image from www.billboard.com46 For 46 was created to use the power of music to unseat President Trump in the next election. Launched by former music manager Kyle Frenette, the campaign has already attracted artists like Bon Iver, Patty Griffen, Sylvan Esso and Dashboard Confessional.

The 46 for 46 campaign is partnering with musicians across the country to present rally concerts in each artist's home-state during the lead up to the 2020 election.

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"Music has an unmatched ability to bring people together, says Frenette and co-founder Christopher Moon. "The 46 for 46 campaign exists to help elect the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee by working to increase civic engagement through music and pop culture. We all have a responsibility to make our voices heard; that's the only way democracy can work."

"We're still filling in the map with artists willing to take a stand. There's much more to come," the continue. "Be sure to  with us to stay updated on who's in and what's happening."

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