Another Spotify Ad Under Fire: ‘Skip School, Skip Work’

image from pbs.twimg.comAnother Spotify ad is being criticized just days after the streamer drew fire for a campaign titled " 'Dance As If No One Is Paying" from artists and advocates who have long complained about royalty payments.

Now another ad offering a 30 day free trial of Spotify Premium is drawing fire with the headline "Skip School, Skip Work, Skip Anywhere." 

"Stay in school, work hard, you can be anything." tweeted Blake Morgan with a sentiment shared by others. "@Spotify's values: Skip school, skip work, skip out on the check. " 

"You really do have to wonder where they find the people who come up with these things," commented Attorney Chris Castle.

If Spotify's tone-deaf ad agency weren't driving enough negative PR for the streamer, one of their attorneys has to make matters worse by going after Morgan and another critic, David Lowery.  Spotify lawyer and NYU professor Christopher Sprigman even compared Lowery to right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. 

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  1. geez, its a play on words… people need to lighten up… everybody can agree… so lets put it into practice: just pretend its 1969.

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