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Here is What Every Major Label, Subsidiary Earned In 2018, according to Billboard

image from cdn.pixabay.comThe recorded music industry is growing again thanks to streaming, but by how much and who are the winners and losers? Because the three major labels only report overall recorded music revenue, Billboard used third part data to estimate the 2018 U.S. earnings of every major and major-controlled record label.

via Billboard
A - This counts the old RED-distributed labels’ revenue before being combined with The Orchard and not the new RED label-services revenue.
B - Double counted also under Columbia
C - Double counted also under Columbia
D - Distributor of Capitol Christian-signed artists and independent labels and artists
E - Distributor of indie labels and indie artists
F - Distributor of indie labels and indie artists
G - As of 2019, no longer counted under Republic
H - Doesn’t include Alternative Distribution Alliance
I - Distributed label, not owned