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Creating A Music Industry That’s Safer For Women

1The music industry, like so many others, is distressingly male dominated meaning that, in addition to making it harder for female artists and producers to break out, systemic issues of objectification, discrimination, and sexual assault are pervasive throughout all aspects of the business. Here we look at some ways to make the music industry a safer place for women.


In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, contributor Sam Bowman shares some thoughts on how we can work to make the music industry a safer place for women.

"One of the harsh truths in the music business is that females may be taken advantage of, especially those who are young and desperate for their big break. For some, industry-based harassment may only come in the form of objectification from online trolls. Others, however, may endure sexual or emotional abuse at the hands of a producer, colleague, or friend. And while there are a variety of recommended resources for female musicians, staying safe in the industry as a woman takes more than just collaboration and empowerment."

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