Filter Cancel Reunion After PledgeMusic Fiasco

image from cdn.pixabay.comLast year, the band Filter had announced that original members Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang were reuniting to record a new album, their first since the band's 1995 debut, 'Short Bus.' The reunion has now been canceled and the band is blaming PledgeMusic.

The pair were funding the record with the working title 'reBus' through crowd-funding site PledgeMusic, But PledgeMusic shut down operations several months ago leaving many artists – including Filter – unpaid.

"reBus is noBus!!!" the band wrote on Facebook. "Due to the PledgeMusic debacle there will be no reBus record featuring Brian Liesagang."  Liesegang left the band in 1997. Instead. Filter will now release a 20th anniversary edition of their 1999 sophomore album Title of Record on August 9th.  

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