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Spotify Draws Fire For ‘Tone Deaf’ Ad Campaign: ‘Dance As If No One Is Paying”

image from cdn.pixabay.comSpotify is under fire from artist advocates and music fans over a new ad campaign that offers 4o day free trials of its Premium service. "WTF @Spotify!?! How did anyone in your company think this was a good idea?? #FAIL," tweeted ECR Music pr executive Amy Gardner.

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The ad reads "Dance like nobody's paying" above a pitch that Spotify Premium is free for the first 30 days.

“Dance like nobody’s paying because we aren’t,” tweeted singer/songwriter David Poe in response.  

"Keep in mind that it takes 380,000 streams a month on @Spotify for an artist to earn minimum wage," wrote musician and advocate Blake Morgan. "Meanwhile, the average @Spotify employee earns $14,000 a month. Nobody's paying? We musicians are, with our lives. #IRespectMusic" 

"That is simply awful," added one fan. "Just think, the ad agency employee who came up with that tone-deaf (pun intended) foolishness is paid more than the vast majority of artists on Spotify."

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