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Spotify Posted That Nirvana Is Playing A Concert, Band Members Respond With Humor

image from images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comSpotify accidentally posted that Nirvana was playing a new concert on August 9th at the 450 capacity club Discovery in Ventura, California. That's quite a feat since lead singer Kurt Cobain died in 1994 and the remaining band members have avoided performing together.

Most tour dates on Spotify are delivered by WMG owned Songkick.

Rather than be annoyed by the error, two of the three remaining Nirvana members – Tony Pierce and Krist Novoselic – had a bit of fun with the mistake and used it to plug a new project.

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  1. I wonder if another “news source” will report on how Hypebot made Nirvana fan Tony Pierce an honorary member on of the band. Also the real former members DON’T avoid playing with each other. Matter of fact 2, of 3 remaining members since there 4 members of Nirvana, are in Foo Fighters. Maybe do a little bit of research before reporting.

  2. Ahh yes who could forget that Tony Pierce was one of the best kazoo players in grunge to this day.

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