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Stream Rippers Easily Circumvent YouTube Blocking

YOuTube NOLast week, YouTube successfully blocked several major stream-ripping sites, according to multiple reports. Now, most of them have found a way to circumvent the blockhead. Stream ripping is currently the number one source of ​music ​piracy ​globally.

​Here's the update from TorrentFreak:
" almost instantly announced that it was working on a fix and today the site is working just fine. The same is true for, which was also blocked last week, as well as the massively popular, which is among the top 200 most-visited sites on the Internet."
“To fix the problem, we simply used other servers that are not in the range of IP-addresses blocked by YouTube,” said one operator of a stream-ripping site. “I think the YouTube update is stupid because we will always find a solution,” said another.
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