YouTube Music Users Can Now Switch Seamlessly Between Audio and Music Videos

YouTube Music logoYouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers can now seamlessly transition between a song and its music video.  Users will now see a video button at the top of the screen as they start listening to a song, and with a tap, they can watch the music video or flip to the audio at the same point in the track.

YouTube describes more new features:

  • "Discovering new music videos is easier than ever before. From recent mega-hits to deep cuts, if a song has a video, YouTube Music will surface a video button so switching between audio and visuals is just one click away
  • YouTube Music has perfectly time-matched over five million official music videos to their respective audio tracks, so no matter when or how often you flip back and forth between the two, you won’t miss a beat.
  • When you flip from video to song, say goodbye to the other sounds that go with the music video — like those long introductions — and enjoy the song as it was intended.
  • Not into music videos? We’ve got you covered. To stick to songs 100% of the time, visit your settings and turn off the music video option by toggling “Don’t play music videos” to the “on” position."
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