10 Reasons It’s Smart For Musicians To Go To A Big Festival, Even If They’re Not Performing [Kosha Dillz]

image from www.hypebot.comAs someone in the music game who usually goes on a mission to be on the list, I started something a few years back that has me fiscally supporting the (big or small) festival in hopes of playing it one day. I truly believe I am a good festival act, and for all festivals that I did this for, I was eventually booked to play. (my theory proved right)

I have bought tickets to Vans Warped Tour, Paid Dues, Rock The Bells, Coachella, and have played them all in some way shape or form. Most recently, this year at Coachella I was asked to play a guest song on the Mojave stage on weekend 2 with Subsuelo Crew. I ended up playing 2 songs!
So now, whenever I get a chance to go to a festival, I go! You never know what could happen. If you are thinking of waiting to get the call….don't! Call yourself first to go in attendance. This is a list I made that should convince you. Before we start off with this…I want to inform you that I love to learn (about things I want to learn about).  So I made a list that might encourage you to think like me!
  1. image from www.hypebot.comBring active in the activation  A crazy concept. There are so many cool things going on in a festival besides who to meet. Imagine having an activation of your own?
  2.  Who you know and who you meet Even if it is only for a short time. If I get a chance to do that…it is the way of the world! It happened to me at SXSW, Coachella, Sundance and more.
  3. You never know who is wearing a t-shirt or busting a move that you like. One guy happened to own all the big venues in Aspen as he was wearing an Aspen shirt. I love Aspen! Now maybe I might just have a new friend there. It is up to me to stay in touch.
  4. Opportunity can be seized and your life can be changed I saw two guys kicking it by the lake back in the artist area of Coachella. Then I saw Logan Paul. He went up to the two guys and offered them $1000 each to jump in the “dirty lake”. No matter how dirty it is…I saw it happen! Then the guy rapped on his video camera. We’ll see what happened but I’d say that’ll be 2 million views. My phone was charging. It was awesome to watch. Usually, I would jump in, but it was awesome to see someone get his moment. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.
  5. Exercise. Literally it is like exercise. I think over 3 days I walked a half a marathon. That is a good song to sing.
  6. Reconnect. It has been wonderful for me to see and be seen. This time I was seen. I always see people that I haven't seen in so long!  Nothing like buying $6 coffees and just getting down with the musical friends.
  7. Overtime people grow. When you reconnect with people you haven’t seen in years, things change. I played with Anderson Paak and Free Nationals in a restaurant. Now he played Main Stage at Coachella. I played with Gashi at the Bowery Poetry Club. Now he is all over the radio with G Eazy and is consistently releasing new songs and traveling.
  8. Pop up performance? The other day at Outside Lands I found myself in the VIP section hearing the Dj play my music.  Then he said …Kosha….get up here..and played my other new song! How did I go from not knowing who's here…to knowing the main DJ of the VIP area where 1000 + people were hanging out? Thank you DJ LOGIC!
  9. A great place to promote new music! A festival is the place where you can naturally meet other eager people who are searching for something. This can be experience, music, and press contacts.
  10. Inspiration to create and content to make:  After heading to Outside Lands this past weekend and playing the sold-out Later Lands after-party at Neck of the Woods, I flew right from there to Israel to play a festival there. The festival that I want to play is massive, and the ones I am playing now are much smaller. The idea is the same. Create an experience for tons of people to come together. Share your music in front of new people. Make new music for new people. Besides that, everyone loves to see what you are up to, and what wrist band you manage to get. GA or artist or VIP? Either way, you can flip it for content! Whether it is big or small…get to that festival!                                                                                                                                                             
If I could sum up anything about why I love festivals so much, it is that I love to run around in a wonderland of so many music lovers and future creators. There are micro-communities within communities (ie. Soberlands for those sober at festivals) and other festival curators are attending just to get ideas of their own. Maybe I'll see you at the next one…and maybe we'll throw something on our own?
Kosha Dillz is a cool rapper that is playing at the Roxy in Hollywood  8/17 and Soda Bar in San Diego 8/18 with Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep. His tour dates are in Bandsintown and he just released a new song on Spotify. called 15 years later. His album Nobody Cares Except You is due for a October release and features Matisyahu, Fat Tony and more

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