CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers Is Back And He’s Talking To Ariel Hyatt Of Cyber PR

image from sivers.orgDerek Sivers is back with his first interview in three and a half years, and it’s all about being a musician and the new music industry. Sivers has an almost mythical status in the DIY community, thanks to his work founding CD Baby, the first company to understand and serve the needs of D.I.Y. musicians, along with his prolific writings, Ted Talks and more.

Tim Ferris called Sivers, "one of my favorite humans." "I call him often for advice," he continued. "Think of him as a philosopher-king programmer, master teacher, and merry prankster."

Another Sivers friend and DIY musician advocate, Ariel Hyatt, scored the first interview with him in more than three years, Highlights of their chat include:

  • How a natural introvert like Derek can learn how to get ahead in the music business and at any networking event or conference
  • How he came up with the brilliant title of his upcoming book: Your Music and People, Creative and Considerate Fame and what it is about
  • What the happiest musicians he knows do to keep themselves in balance and the formula they have figured out to stay happy as lifelong artists
  • Why having a stage name is a fabulous way to protect your personal humanity and separate yourself from what can feel confronting

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