Do Bands Still Need To Be Signed To ‘Make It’?

BeatsTime was that getting a record deal was the number one priority for any unsigned band with any ambition, as the backing of  a label was necessary for artists to fund their marketing and play bigger, better shows. Times have changed however, and while a many successful artists continue to sign with on with labels, many question whether being signed is really necessary for industry success.


In this latest article from MusicThinkTank, contributor Simon Davies looks at whether or not being signed to a label is needed for an artist to achieve music industry success.

"Of course, many of the things a label does can be done by you. Social media campaigns and promoting music online can be your responsibility if you’re social media savvy, while it’s now easier than ever to get your music out there. Platforms like SoundCloud were initially a way for aspiring musicians to share their music online for free, cutting out any industry middlemen. However, streaming subscriptions quickly took over, once again making existing chart-toppers the priority."

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