Spotify Surveys Artists, Industry To Expand Artists Services Directory

Provider Directory – Spotify for ArtistsSpotify is asking artists and the music industry to tell them the kind of services they'd like to see listed in a "Provider Directory."  The wide-ranging survey appears to be a test of the level of interest a broader services directory and which categories should be included.

The survey begins with a button with the streamer's Provider Directory, which currently lists only a handful of Spotify "Preferred" artist and label distributors and music delivery platforms.  "Want to see other services here, or get listed yourself?," asks Spotify along with a "Lets Us Know" button.

From there, the survey goes in a variety of directions, asking first:

Spotify Provider Directory Question 1

Depending on your answer, next is a list asking what role play.  Here is the list from the industry side:
Spotify Provider Directory Q2
The following questions ask which artist services you want or provide. Artists are not asked for a name or contact info, but service providers are. 
A directory of vetted artists services would be a logical extension of Spotify For Artists and  CEO Daniel Ek's often-repeated promise to build an ecosystem that enables "1 million creators to make a living off the platform."
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