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Spotify Tests More Expensive Subscriptions as Labels Complain About Falling Per Listener Revenue

Spotify New $Spotify will test raising subscription prices in Scandinavia with an eye towards taking the increases worldwide, according to a new report. The test comes at a time when labels are complaining about falling per listener payouts from the steamer.

Spotify will raise the price of its family plan 13%, according to Bloomberg, which currently costs $15 a month USD for up to 5 users. Spotify has also tested Premium Duo, a plan that offers two subscriptions for about $14.00 a month.

image from assets.bwbx.iovia Bloomberg

Deep discounts designed to attract more subscribers are helping to lower its average user payments. But Spotify has also been adding services in emerging markets across Asia, South America and Africa, and to compete with local services and free alternatives like YouTube, the streamer has lowered prices in many markets to a fraction of the $10 monthly fee that it charges in North America and Europe. 


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