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Spotify Tests Stories Feature That Gives Artists A Voice

Spotify new rectangleSpotify is testing a Stories feature designed to enable artists to share a narrative alongside their music. Uncovered by veteran code digger Jane Manchun Wong, it's similar to Stories launched by Pandora in March.

The examples found include songs with the artist offering their own story behind each track in a playlist-like format.  

“It looks like the equivalent Story features on other social media platforms,” says Manchun Wong.  “A snippet of music is played after each Q&A, which notably does not necessarily start from the beginning of the music. Users could save the music to their library by tapping the Heart button.”

The feature also furthers Spotify's increasingly broad strategy that includes podcasts and other non-music audio.

Spotify is known for testing features that are never fully released. But the code digger did find evidence that this one may be close to release.  If released widely – and not just offered to select artists – its hard to imagine it not being popular with artists and marketers working to deepen the fan-artist connection. 

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