5 Tips For Working With Touring Bands, Artists

1Every artist and every venue is different, but when it comes to the two parties working together, there are some practices that are pretty much universally a good idea for making sure things going smoothly between the host and artist performing.


In this most recent post to MusicThinkTank, Owen Davie shares five practical tips for any venue or organization working with lesser known or up and coming bands that can help both parties can work together to smoothly execute a solid live show.

"Even if none of you are in it for the money, clearly establishing when, how, and what amount an artist will get paid from the outset is key to preventing tension between an artist and venue. Any artist who’s been hacking out a career for themselves on the road may (with good cause) be suspicious. Even if payment for the performance is clearly specified in the contract, ambiguity around details like how much of a merch cut the venue gets can get thorny quickly if not clearly delineated from the beginning."

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