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8 Tips To Make Your Email Newsletters Mobile Friendly

1Whether you're an artist or producers, sending a regular newsletter is the best way to stay in touch with fans, clients, or both. Given that so much of email is now consumed smartphones, we're looking at eight tips to make sure your newsletter is mobile friendly.


Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

Every band, artist, producer and engineer needs to stay in touch with clients and fans, and the best way is with email newsletter. I’ve covered newsletter content and frequency in posts in the past, but it’s now essential that those emails are now mobile friendly as well. Research has found that 67% of all email is now read on the phone, so that platform requires content that specifically designed for the small screen. Here are 8 tips to that end.

1. Use short, concise subject lines. Keep it between 25 and 30 characters to be the most effective.

2. Use engaging pre-header text. Not all email service providers offer this, but it can mean the difference between an open or a pass. This teaser text beneath the subject line has to be compelling enough to make the viewer want to click.

3. Use personalization. Personalized emails get 6x more clicks on the call-to-action (you are including one, right?) than emails without it.

24. Use just one call-to-action (CTA). It’s pretty easy to line an email up with links everywhere, but that just makes the main call-to-action more difficult to find. Especially on mobile, a single CTA works best.

5. Leave some white space. Don’t pack the email with so much text and graphics that it’s difficult to find the CTA. Make it easy to read, and easy to make that click on a mobile device by adding some negative space.

6. Clearly formatted copy. One of my pet peeves is poorly formatted copy or none at all. Make sure that everything is broken down in short paragraphs of no more than 2 sentences each. Get to the point, and get there fast.

7. Check how your newsletter will look on different email clients. Most email service providers now offer this, so it’s not that difficult to spot a visual problem that could be easily fixed.

8. Keep everything in a single column. Multiple columns might work great for a desktop newsletter, but we’re talking mobile here. Stick with a single column for ease of viewing.

Follow these tips and your email newsletters will be easy to read on any mobile device.

Thanks Social Media Today and the folks at Clevertap for the tips.

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