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Ian MacKay To Leave Canadian PRO Re:Sound

image from celebrityaccess.comCanadian nonprofit performance rights organization Re:Sound says that its longtime President Ian MacKay will exit his role at the organization at the end of the year.

MacKay, who has been President of the PRO since 2009, led several strategic initiatives including the creation and launch of Entandem, a joint venture with SOCAN to simplify music licensing for businesses.

He also oversaw the expansion of the organization’s board of directors with an eye towards making the body more reflective of the PRO’s diverse stakeholders.

In 2018, Re:Sound distributed more than $50 million in domestic and international income to rightsholders, including artists, background musicians, and studio players, as well as to record labels.

“I am very proud of all that I and the team have accomplished at Re:Sound over the last decade,” MacKay said in a press statement announcing his exit. “I am leaving the organization in great hands, with a seasoned and passionate senior management team.”

As of yet, no replacement for MacKay has been announced but the Board of Directors has launched a search for suitable candidates. MacKay has agreed to stay on for an interim period while said candidate establishes themselves in the leadership post.

“The Board is very proud to highlight that MacKay’s tenure at Re:Sound has been marked by aggressive revenue growth, expansion in revenue sources, and cost reductions through efficiencies, and wishes to thank him for all his hard work over the years,” added Anthony Ariganello, Chair of the Board of Re:Sound.


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