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Lyte Empowers Fan-Friendly Ticket Resale

LYTE Logo_BlkLyte is on track to secure $100 million in North American event ticket reservations in 2019. The platform empowers fans to return their tickets to live events and join an event's reservation list to get authentic tickets at a fair price while giving artist, promoters and venues more control of their secondary ticketing.

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Lyte’s newest features allow fans to trade and transact tickets between each other with no chance of fraud.

Lyte has already helped power ticketing at Coachella, BottleRock Napa, Newport Folk, Comic-Con and numerous wine and food festivals and gamer expos.  More than image from miro.medium.com300 venues and fan-friendly artist tours like Mumford & Sons, Robert Plant, Wilco, Bob Weir, The Lumineers, and MGMT have all partnered with the startup.

Up to 30% of tickets for Lyte-enabled events flow through the platform.

Because tickets sold through Lyte are issued by the event’s primary ticketing system, the company says there is zero fraud and virtually no scalping around the events they power. Lyte's goal is to bring more than 60% of the $15 billion secondary market back into the control of rights holders. 

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