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Move Over Radio, Spotify Lets You Add Podcasts To Playlists

Spotify new rectangleSpotify now allows users to add podcasts to new or existing playlists. The new feature, which appropriately launches on International Podcast Day, allows users to curate their own streams of music, automatically updated podcasts and other audio-content and share it with others.

"With this new feature, users have the ability to add podcasts to playlists," says Spotify. "Build a place where your motivational podcasts can live with your most motivational tracks (Normani, anyone?). Or where meditation podcasts can hang out with your chilliest tracks. Now you have multiple playlist options: create a music-only list, mix music and podcasts, or curate a list of just your favorite podcasts. The world of audio is yours to discover and share."
Spotify's latest custom audio play along with its new Siri voice control integration presents its biggest threat yet to broadcast radio. 
Adding podcasts to playlists, also creates a huge opportunity for artists and music creators to build audio streams that engage audiences in new ways.
 To add a podcast to a playlist on mobile (via Spotify)
  1. Simply navigate to a podcast episode you love.
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of the track or episode.
  3. Tap “Add to playlist.”
  4. Select a playlist you’ve already created you like to add it to.
  5. Or, tap to create a new playlist from scratch.
  6. Play around with interspersing podcast episodes with music tracks to curate hand-picked listening sessions. 
  7. Share with your friends or make your playlists public—others are sure to love them too! 

Then, once you’re ready to play hours of queued-up content, head back to “Your Library” to see all your playlists in one place under the “Playlists” tab in Music. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever made a playlist for your favorite songs, you’re already a pro.

**Pro tip: If you’re using Spotify on your computer desktop, you can stream the playlists you’ve made on mobile that include podcasts. You just can’t make a playlist with a podcast in it from your desktop—yet.

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