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Record Store Finds Uncashed Kurt Cobain 27 Years Old Royalty Check

image from upload.wikimedia.orgThe staff at Seattle 's Easy Street Records recently stumbled across an unchased royalty check made out to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain 27 years ago.The check was from Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and made out to Kurt D. Cobain of Olympia, Washington. It was dated March 6, 1991, just months before Nirvana made it big with the iconic album "Nevermind." (see the check below)

graphic: w00tdew00t [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Easy Street owner Matt Vaughan said he was cleaning out his basement when he found the uncashed $26.57 check tucked in a collection of the band's tour itineraries that he had bought along with a box of records back in 1993.

"Last week, I was moving some stuff around and guess found a moment of reflection, sat there in the basement and flipped through every page," he told CNN. "That's when these thin pieces of paper dropped out."

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