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YouTube Music Adds ‘Discover Mix’ Playlist

image from i.ytimg.comYouTube Music has added an algorithm delivered playlist called "Discover Mix" similar to Spotify's "Discover Weekly" which helps users discover new songs and artists based on previous listening habits.

YouTube Music's Discover Mix playlist updates every Wednesday and contains 49 songs. A retro neon logo is much like YouTube Music recently launched "New Release Mix" which in turn mimics Spotify's "Release Radar" playlist.

Initial reaction to the new YouTube music playlist was positive on Reddit:  

"Mine has 49 songs and many of them are from artists I have listened to along with a few new artists. Of the tracks from artists I have listened to before, almost all of them are songs I hadn't heard before. Also none of the tracks are ones I have rated (liked/disliked) before now. Out of the 49 tracks in the playlist I ended up 'liking' and adding 32 of them to my library."

"The song selection also was a range of genres I have been recently listening to as well as some styles I haven't listened to in a while. It was nice rediscovering certain things I haven't thought about in a while."

"Inside is a bunch of music that doesn't show up on my usual mixtape and even has some artists I haven't even heard of. Very happy with this so far."


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