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14% Of Fans Have Bought A Bogus Ticket According To New FanDragon Survey

image from cdn.pixabay.comThe new FanDragon Fan Experience Index survey confirms how much fans love live music and other events, as well as, how disappointed they are in the ticket buying experience.

99% of those surveyed plan to attend at least one live event this year, including from sports, concerts, and theater. 72% are willing to spend between $51 to $500 on a single live event.

56% of survey respondents say that music (concert, clubs and music festivals) is the their preferred live event experience with 35% preferring smaller music venues.

The favored type of music event varied slightly by region.

Fan-Experience Music Tyoe

52% of all respondents to the FanDragon Fan Experience Index survey attend between 3-10 events each year, which means that some fans spend up to $5,000 a year.

Fake & Overpriced Tickets

But overpriced and bogus tickets are a real problem for fans. 14% say that they have purchased a fake ticket, and 58% of this group were forced to miss an event altogether because of it.

Fan-Experience-Index-Fall-2019-Commissioned-by-FanDragon-Technologies pdfAccording to the study, Americans are now taking matters into their own hands:

  • More than half now avoid buying from secondary ticket sellers – Over half (59%) prefer to buy from primary ticketing sites and another one in five (19%) only purchase directly from venues or talent. Over half of these fans (54%) choose primary ticket sellers to ensure their tickets are real.
  • 74% will spend more to guarantee real tickets – Three in four (74%) are open to spending more money to guarantee their ticket is legitimate. The majority would pay a small fee to guarantee a ticket isn’t fake, with 30% willing to pay $2-$10, and another 20% willing to pay $11-$24.
  • A call for government regulation –(61%) of Americans surveyed want the government to intervene to improve ticketing security and better protect fans from against scalping or fraud.


Read and download the full FanDragon Fan Experience Index survey free here

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