6 Daily Tasks To Sharpen Your Performance Skills

Zach-vessels-UxwSYTQY_aY-unsplash+2000+x+1125Getting into the habit of performing, (and, more importantly, performing well) can be a challenge for many artists staring out. That said, integrating certain specific habits into your daily schedule can do wonders for improving your ability to produce a solid live show. Here we look at six such practices.


In this latest post on MusicThinkTank, contributor Wassim Awess shares six daily habits up and coming artists can employ to improve their performance abilities.

"Overthinking is a tempting habit most people have, but once you use it for your good, it can massively develop your confidence and world-view.

Don’t let those shaking thoughts of a bad show get to you, instead, turn the negativity to positivity. Shift your thoughts to think about your next successful performance and that will skyrocket your confidence and self-belief.
Psychology suggests that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions, what that means is… once you start building the image of success in your mind, it becomes so much easier to fulfill it in reality."

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