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Soundcharts Launches ‘Mentions’ Tracking 2M Artists

Logo_new_SoundchartsMusic data analytics platform Soundcharts today launched what it's calling its biggest product update since going online in 2016. A new feature dubbed Mentions enables global media and web monitoring of two million artists with geotargeted data from tens of thousands of sources.

Mentions is designed to help to spot local promotional opportunities, identify niche genre publications, and influence marketing strategies accordingly. The real-time data allows labels, marketers and others to react to key "moments" which can impact a campaign.

Rosalia Mentions

Soundcharts Mentions work by tracking the entire internet and splits the results into three categories: music media, verified media, and unverified sources. The data search results can then be segmented further into sub-categories such as origin (country), domain rank (based on website traffic) and source type (news, blog, discussion). All this is done in real-time.

Soundcharts was created to be the ultimate source of truth of the industry, making all the music data actionable in a unified platform, says David Weiszfeld, Founder & CEO. "Most music professionals are still using a dedicated, usually local-based, media tracking solution. By adding this vertical to Soundcharts, we are allowing them to save money by monitoring these mentions within the same platform they use everyday for the rest of their data journey. The addition of Mentions is fully aligned with our mission.”

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