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Spotify Adds Siri Voice Control To iOS App, Launched First Apple TV App

image from www.patentlyapple.comSpotify's much-anticipated addition of Apple Siri voice control officially launched on Monday morning.  Users must first download a new update to the Spotify app as well as have the latest version of iOS 13 installed.

The Spotify Siri integration for both Premium and free users is compatible with iPhone, iPad, CarPlay, AirPods and HomePod via AirPlay. The update also Spotify newenables hands-free control through CarPlay.

After installation and a short verification process, users must add "on Spotify" to each voice command.  A quick test found commands to play artists, songs, albums and podcasts worked well, but the integration faired less well fetching Spotify playlists like Discover Weekly.  

Spotify is also launching a tvOS app for Apple TV today.

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