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Spotify Updates Video Targeting Apple On Same Day As Siri Integration: ‘It’s time to play fair’

Spotify new[UPDATED] Instead of using yesterday's announcement that Siri now included voice control of Spotify to make nice with Apple, the streamer seemingly doubled down on criticism of its much larger tech rival.

"Apple comes between you and the music you love to listen to"

"We love Apple. But we don't love it when Apple comes between you and the music you love to listen to," declares an updated video posted by Spotify yesterday. In fact, the "years" that it took Apple to allow Spotify to access Siri and the fact that Apple Music is still the default music app is iOS are both part of Spotify's ongoing grievances. 

Siri access, the 30% Apple tax" that all apps must pay to sell subscriptions on the platform and the restrictions that keep Spotify from running promotions like 99 cents for three months via Apple, all top the list of issues that the streamer brought to an EU anti-trust body earlier this year and which the US Congress is now looking into.

The video was originally posted in March and updated this week to reflect the Siri integration.

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