Why You Need To Sit On Your Tracks Before Sending Them Out

Microphone-1562354_1280Once you've invested your time and energy into cooking up the perfect track, your natural inclination may likely be to get it into the ears of your listeners as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is precisely the wrong thing to do. Your chances of success are far greater if you first vet the track properly, and then come up with a strategy for how roll it out.


In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, Alex Cowles details why artists should take their time in releasing new music, and why it's better in the long run to sit on your tracks for awhile before releasing them to the public.

"Take your mixdown or rough master and put it in a playlist or a mixtape alongside tracks that you respect. How does it stand up against your benchmarks?

How does it feel when your track drops in? Does the energy start to drag? Is there a noticeable dip in production quality? Do you think people would notice your track amidst the rest?"

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