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Coldplay To Stop Touring Over Environmental Impact

Coldplay released has released a new album and instead of the requisite global tour to promote it, frontman Chris Martin announced that the band will put its live concert plans on hiatus while they find a way to make its touring much less environmentally impactful.

Coldplay’s eight studio album “Everyday Life” was released today, Nov 22nd on Parlophone.

Martin told the BBC that the group plans to take the next year or two to weigh changes that will make its tours more sustainable and hopefully actively beneficial.

“How can we harness the resources that our tour creates and make it have a positive impact?” he said. “All of us, in every industry, have to just work out what the best way of doing our job is.”

Martin suggested some options including no single-use plastics and the use of renewable power that others in the industry are already implementing.

Coldplay will do two live shows in Amman, Jordan on Friday to mark the release and are scheduled to play at the Natural History Museum in London next week, reports Celebrity Access.

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