Soundcloud Launches Promote On SoundCloud Self-service Marketing Platform

SoundCloud has launched Promote on SoundCloud, a self-service promotional tool for artists to boost their original tracks to the top of listeners’ Soundcloud feeds and mobile homepages. 

Promote on Soundcloud is the latest addition to SoundCloud’s full-stack Premier program, which also includes distribution to all major music services and payment for plays both on SoundCloud and on other services.

With Promote on SoundCloud, creators can set a budget and choose targeting to help drive track plays, reach a more diverse listener group, build real-time, interactive connections with fans, elevate new tracks and album releases or build local buzz in advance of tour dates.

“Promote on SoundCloud is an important addition to SoundCloud Premier, which offers creators wide distribution, more earning potential, and now, a way to proactively promote their music on SoundCloud,” said Gilles BianRosa, Chief Product Officer, SoundCloud. “By promoting on SoundCloud, creators get the added benefit of combining Promote on SoundCloud reports with SoundCloud stats to see comprehensive engagement data, a unique capability for creators who choose SoundCloud.”  

SoundCloud Premier now includes:

  • Direct connection with fans: Likes, comments, follows and reposts in real-time from SoundCloud’s global community of tastemakers and trendsetters.
  • Revenue share.
  • Free distribution: Seamlessly add distribution into all major music services worldwide, at no additional cost.
  • Fast payouts: Creators get paid directly each month.
  • Targeted Promotion: Be seen where your fans are listening with targeted promotion directly on SoundCloud.

To learn more about SoundCloud Premier and Promote on SoundCloud visit creators.soundcloud.com/premier

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