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YouTube vs TikTok: Which Is Better For Your Marketing Initiatives?

Video marketing has become a major part of just about every artist’s marketing campaign and has fueled an uptick video content creation. But choosing which platform to release said content on has become a tricky choice and often depends on which meshes better with a given artist’s brand.


Video marketing has taken the world by storm and is now being incorporated into almost every marketing campaign. This has led to the rise of video creators across several platforms. Pick any type of video – music, comedy, beauty, gaming, sports or even food there are influencers for each of them with a large following. Deciding which video platform suits your brand and message can be a daunting task and choosing the wrong platform may lead to disastrous results.

Let’s find out which is best for you! 

YouTube has been the market leader for video creators, but now TikTok is becoming popular with a different generation of creators and fans. How do you decide which is ideal for the entertainment marketing of your brand? Let’s examine both platforms and you decide which is ideal for you.


TikTok is as a result of two apps known as Douyin/TikTok and Both of these apps have their origin in China and have their audiences in Asia and the West respectively. TikTok was formed when was bought in 2018. It soon became one of the most downloaded apps in the world with even more numbers than Instagram. TikTok makes it easy to combine music, filters, and several effects into a 15-second video, making it easy for people to express themselves. It is immensely popular among young audiences as about 41% of the users are between the ages of 16 and 24.


  • It is easier for creators since the content is shorter and requires less budget than YouTube videos.
  • It can be used to reach Generation Z demographics because it has a large population of them.
  • There is a great engagement on TikTok when it comes to challenges and hashtags.


  • It does not have a fully formed ad business model yet, making it hard for creators to monetize.
  • Maximum length of a video from a 6 to 15 seconds.
  • Takes longer to create a perfect video.


Is there anything we can tell you about YouTube that you don’t already know? YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows users to upload, rate, view videos, and subscribe to the channels of other users. YouTube has recorded a consistent increase in its number of viewers and is one of the most popular platforms for entertainment marketing. It is easier for creators to monetize their content on YouTube. It is reported that YouTube takes up to 45% of all the ad revenues of creator videos. Its the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, just video based.


  • Longer videos can be recorded compared to those on Tik Tok.
  • Gives a better chance of delivering promotional videos.
  • It offers a wider variety of videos to choose from.


  • It requires higher production values to make a video than Tik Tok
  • Its algorithm favors longer videos and channels that are updated regularly.
  • There is an increased criticism of it becoming more unfriendly towards creators.
  • It is harder for newcomers to get noticed.

Ultimately, the platform you decide to use for entertainment marketing is your choice, one thing they both have in common is that the videos that get the most attention are those that are entertaining. Whichever platform you choose, it is important you have a reliable marketing partner who can maximize your  reach  as well as minimize your cost-per-view (CPV).

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