10 New Things I Learned In Ari Herstand’s Book [Kosha Dillz]

The coolest thing about Ari’s book is that I know 50% of the people in it and I also saw him attend my SXSW panel how to make $50,000 in a year” in 2019.

An Honor it was… and I vibe with everything in his book How To Make it in the New Music Business. I’d love to do something like it in the future, but until then I’ll have my listicles.

I was on a plane listening to a mix from Mike Machinist of Shinobi Ninja and then saw quotes from him (mike and his brother Dave Machinist) and gave Mike the news that he was in this awesome book while on the plane!    Mike recently mixed my upcoming album Nobody Cares Except You and My new song Schmoozin’ produced by KoOoL Kojak (Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Matisyahu)  so it was all aligning perfectly to dive into this book.

I found 10 things in here I didn’t really know about and wanted to let you know I was stoked on finding!!! I was using it to promote the video and find tricks …and I found more than just tricks. This book has some gems even the experienced musician does not know about.

 1. Unsigned guide in the Uk – This is something I need to know for touring. Indie on the move yes. I didn’t know this existed! Who wants to get booked in the UK? Ummmm. Me. 

2. It’s not a meet n greet – it’s an experience – How do we make it meeting me to be special. I need to not associate with you at all online. Hmm…maybe the rap class experience can prove how cool it is and parents would bring their kids? I like it!

3. Concertsinyourhome.com – This is perfect. I just did a tour and my first show booked was a house concert that paid me great money overvalue in the Ft Lauderdale area, and it grossed me over $1000 bucks after merchandise.  I need to sign up for this!! There aren’t many at home rap shows!!!

4. Musicxmatch lyrics – I thought genius.com was the only place to do things…but this looks perfect.  There are so many extra little gems that us rapper folk don’t know. 

5. NACA Agencies – Now I know who to send my stuff to when I want to go back into the college market. Speaking and performing ate 2 great things. College shows are great. Shout out Diversitytalent agency and Degy…who is really the best!!

6. The perfect 30 – I always knew about it but it is good to be in perspective. Never have it go below 15. 

  • Payment is 10 .
  • Career building 10. 
  • Enjoyment 10.

Usually a college gig can be paying well but a pain to deal with in rallying up students to come, and it certainly doesn’t build a career. One time I did one and a kid gave me 750 for a song and that was for my Kickstarter.  It needs to be above 15.  Wedding gigs kill me but sometimes we take the money for a crappy show…and know that it’ll be bad. Sometimes we drive 8 hours to do one song for 10,000 people.] Somethings I enjoy are playing for 15 people in Fargo and driving for 12 hours. I dunno. I like Fargo and I don’t care so I’m going and you can’t stop me!!

7. How to be a star in your hometown – I am currently looking at this for Tel Aviv Israel. There is a budding scene and showing support is massive because they pay locals for their gigs 2 months after the show.this is almost illegal and would get you attacked anywhere else in the world!! Wow. This can work anywhere in the world.

8. How to Negotiate and Schmooze prices at Bar Mitzvahs/ Weddings / Proposals etc. – This would be needed and sometimes it doesn’t happen perfectly…but…it is nice to have a precedent of the time you need to make the gig happen and a good agreement.A lot of problems can happen in this area. One time I got a deposit via my former manager Brandon Dorsky (supergoodmusic) and I gave a performance (where the guy said his kid didn’t like it) and he didn’t pay the remaining $1250.

Basically  it was him showing off to his family how flashy a party can be and he screwed me over flying in from LA and driving to perform. It was almost the price of a club gig that I could’ve done.  End of the day, I learned that just because someone is important in music business and also financially well off doesn’t mean they’ll pay or treat you well. Be careful!

9. VulfPeck – Facebook likes for Free – I am starting to realize that I don’t only have to share  KOSHA DILLZ and KOSHA DILLZ on my facebook page. In fact. It is the exact way to get people to interact. I want to build a community.  VulfPeck and the VulfPack. I have a song called Schmoozin’ and I am starting a Schmoozement.

It is basically me and how I hustle and how I want all my fans to be hustlers too. KOsha Dillz and the Dillzionaires. Let me cater to them…not to me!

10. How to Sign up for SoundExchangeI once saw my name on the Poster at SXSW because they owed me money. Then I thought wow, I want the advertisement and not the money!  Better yet though, Ari gives a full tutorial on how to get money from all your things. I actually hired a guy from Z Town music who handles all that stuff for me for a percentage. I don’t have time to do it all by myself, so I hired a guy and give him a percentage of what comes in.  Way easier that way!! Big up Max Zettler at Ztownmusic.com 

There are plenty  of people like him that do similar work. I want to focus on securing gigs and not doing that kind of work. 

In the end of the book, I love grabbing it. Ari is like the Gary Vee of independent musicians. We aren’t here for the fame and glory. We are here for the work and we enjoy being self employed. We should treat ourselves as such and also keep digging for the new gems we find. The Uncut gems, like Adam Sandler’s movie!

Kosha Dillz is a international rap superstar that also writes DIY articles and tours a lot. His new song Schmoozin’ is awesome for the holidays and he also enjoys running and exercising when not rapping. He has merch for sale all the time and a website. Reach out to him at rapperfriends@gmail.com or jam his podcast HUSTLE BEACH.

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