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Bandsintown Gives Fans Look Back At Their Unique Year In Live Music

Bandsintown is offering music fans a personalized look back at their year in live music with “Year in Review: 2019 High Notes”.

“Like Spotify’s Wrapped and Apple Music’s Replay does for streaming, Bandsintown’s High Notes offers each fan a look at their unique live music stats for the year,” said Bandsintown Group Co-Founder and Managing Partner Fabrice Sergent. Stats include the number of artists tracked, how many shows they attended, their top genre, and the farthest city they traveled to for a show.

“2019 was an incredible year for live music. In addition to major tours by established artists, fans discovered many new and breakthrough artists,” continued Sergent. “Last year, Bandsintown helped sell more tickets for developing artists than ever before and that’s a trend we see accelerating in the new decade.”

Bandsintown users can access their custom “Year in Review: 2019 High Notes” from the Bandsintown mobile app (iPhone and Android).

Milestones For Lewis Capaldi, Billie Eilish & JD Shelburne

With more than 50 million registered users and 130 million unique fan interactions monthly, Bandsintown drives 500,000 intent to buy ticket clicks every day. That massive activity from 2.5 million concerts and events in 2019 has made Bandsintown the go-to source for live music data for the entire music industry. Earlier this year, top music trade Billboard began publishing four exclusive weekly Billboard Bandsintown Charts.

Because Bandsintown also empowers artists to directly message their fans at no cost, the platform can track which artists concert-goers are most eager to get updates from and see perform live. 

Singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi was the fastest growing artist on Bandsintown in 2019, gaining the largest increase in trackers (followers). Billie Eilish garnered the most interest in her live shows with the most event RSVPs, while country singer JD Shelburne took the top spot for most shows played throughout the year. 

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