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Deezer Let’s Users Ban Songs, Artists

If your brief obsession with “Dance Mokey” is over or the thought of listening to one more track from a known sex offender pushes you over the edge (which it should), Deezer is now the streaming service for you.

Global music streamer Deezer has expanded its ‘exclude’ feature to allow users to ban a song or artists from their personalized “Flow’ algorithm for both paid subscribers and free users on all platforms

When a user hears a song that they don’t like, they can press the unhappy emoji in the app and will be taken to a new ‘exclude’ menu.

The new Ban menu offers options:

  • Stop a song or artist from being recommended again.
  • Change the mood of mixes. Choose the ‘Change mood’ option in the new menu and select one of the alternatives.
  • Manage excluded tracks and artists. “That way you can make sure you’re not missing out on any musical goodness if your taste changes.” You’ll need to be on the web version of Deezer to use this option.

Free users on Android also have the option to skip a track, as long as they have skips left. Stopping a song or artist from being recommended counts as a skip. Free users who don’t have skips left will not be able to perform these actions until they have available skips

The feature doesn’t affect any curated content including a playlist made by the user, and they’ll still be able to find these songs and artists in search.

“Our Flow and mixes are a big part of what makes Deezer stand out. With these recommendations, we’re creating a rich experience that’s also spot on for each listener. Also, we really are listening to what our users like and don’t like, to constantly tailor Flow and mixes to their individual tastes and preferences,” said Stefan Tweraser, Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer.

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