Hype Machine Offers Fans A Way To Support Their Favorite Artists Of 2019

Hopefully, you discovered some great new music in 2019. But what did you do to support the artists that created it? The Hype Machine has developed a tool that makes it easier to support the music you care about.

Let’s face it, you discover a new band, fall in serious like and add a few tracks to one of your playlists. Now they are a regular part of your musical life.

For many, the artist/fan relationship stays there unless maybe the band is passing through town and you go to the show.

Missing is your actual support of these favorite artists that goes beyond the small fraction of a penny they get when you hit play.

The Hype Machine, which has been helping fans discover new music since 2015, has come up with a novel solution – MerchTable.

Paste a link to “Your Top Songs 2019” Spotify playlist into Merch Table, and it will check what you can purchase directly from the artists on Bandcamp.

Of course, every artist isn’t on Bandcamp. But if a significant portion of your Top Songs 2019 aren’t available on the popular indie platform, one of your 2020 New Year’s resolutions has to be upping your music discovery game.

And as Music Ally pointed out, its really too bad Spotify didn’t add this to their year-end Wrapped playlists themselves.

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