Instagram Hashtags That Musicians Should Avoid Using Next Year

Hashtags can be an effective way to boost your presence on social media and organically pull in user attention, but using the wrong hashtags can attract more bots than people, and ultimately do more detriment than good.


There are some Instagram hashtags that are just not worth the trouble as they might work in the short term, but the followers you add are unlikely to engage with your content. What’s more, certain hashtags tend to attract bots from fake accounts, which can drive up your follower count with users that don’t amount much.

Hashtags To Avoid

Among those to avoid are hashtags that specifically ask people to follow you, such as #follow4follow, but there are lots more, like the ones below:


The whole idea is that when your hashtags are too broad and not targeted, you’ll get followers who probably aren’t worth having. After all, what you’re trying to do is to attract more listeners to your music, not just accumulate Instagram numbers.

And Some Are Banned

You might be surprised to know that some hashtags are even banned. What’s more, using any of the blocked hashtags can result in your Instagram account being banned for not following the Instagram Community Guidelines

I must admit that some of the tags on the banned list are both surprising and baffling. You can see the complete list here, but below are just a few that made me scratch my head a little.


There are more that make you say, “huh?”, but there are also some that you can see might cause trouble like #bikinibody and #dating. The idea here is that you should be aware of the hashtags that might cause problems and stay away from them in order to keep your account in good standing.

Choosing the best Instagram hashtags is an art. You need something that connects with other people, provides an idea of what you’re posting, and isn’t self-indulgent all at the same time. Choose yours wisely.

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