Musical Output: 7 Ways To Balance Quality, Quantity

While some artists can churn out a mass of music on the daily, other artists will take long extended periods of time to refine their work and make it the best it can possibly be. In truth, the best practice is to find a middle ground between these option.


In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, Caleb Murphy shares seven techniques artist’s can use to try and achieve a balance between quality and quantity in their music.

“I know that making bad music teaches you how to make better music in the future — if you let your past self teach you.

But I still could’ve spent more time with each project to make the quality better.

So this year, I realized my balance of quality vs. quantity was way off. The see-saw was tipped almost the whole way to quantity, leaving quality hanging in the air with no foothold.

I share all this in hopes that you review your own quality-quantity see-saw.

Are you hyper-focused on one of these and not so much on the other?

If so, the next section may interest you…”

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