MUSICIANS: Are You Buying Tools… or Toys? (Video)

It’s a common pitfall nearly every musician falls into: buying TOYS—the gear we lust after, but doesn’t really advance any creative or professional potential—when we should be reserving our resources on TOOLS. ArtistPro founder Hisham Dahud explains the difference.


By Hisham DahudArtistPro

Before you even watch this clip, let it be known: I am not absolved of any sin here. I have been extremely guilty of this in the past… but I’ve worked my way out of it.

As both a musician and artist educator, I’ve seen so many colleagues and students fail to distinguish their wants and needs. As a result countless dollars have been spent on the wrong items or software, which may’ve yielded some experimentation – only to end up on Reverb or Craigslist soon after.

Especially in your early stages, gear should be seen as a means to an end. Ask yourself, “will this truly move the needle for my creative and professional goals?” Or would it simply be something fun to play with?

Let it be known that having a few toys is great! However, it’s just something to be viewed (in my opinion) as a luxury of both money and time.

Hopefully this video helps you in some way. Enjoy!


Hisham Dahud is a musician, brand strategist and Founder of ArtistPro—an online program for music creators that combines education with an action-oriented approach to career development. Connect with him @hishamdahud.

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