SoundCloud Adds Free Lossless HD Storage, Downloads For All Creators

SoundCloud has added free losses HD storage and downloads for all creators. The option was previously only available to paid Premium users.

SoundCloud users can now upload, store and download tracks in lossless HD formats up to 4GB per upload. The streamer recommends uploading lossless HD files (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC), but a full list of codecs and containers can be accessed on their Help Center

SoundCloud offered these reasons to upload in lossless HD

  • Your tracks are safe here. We securely store all of your original files (public, private, even ones that are hidden) across multiple data centers.
  • You can access your lossless HD files, anytime, anywhere. Download your tracks again in the exact format and size you uploaded them in. 
  • You’re giving fans the best possible experience. SoundCloud transcodes your files to various codecs optimized for streaming playback, meaning that when you upload in lossless HD, your listeners hear the best possible quality.
  • Your future self will thank you. Uploading in lossless HD today ensures that your content is ready for the HD streaming improvements we make going forward.

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  1. Not only was this already a feature that was available until they limited it to paid users in ~2014, but they’ve also now limited free accounts to *15 total uploads*. Previously, it was just a three hour limit. This is extremely restrictive and I cannot see any way this doesn’t significantly hurt their userbase. The only way 15 uploads is close to equivalent to three hours of upload is if songs are ~12 minutes long; in reality, it’s probably closer to ~3 minutes, meaning that artists now (on average) can only upload 1/4 of the tracks they were previously able to. In addition, because this now locks free accounts with more than 15 uploads, people are going to have to delete old tracks, making them completely lost to time. This is completely detrimental to their userbase and I hope they either realize this and reverse it or a viable alternative comes along.

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