Test Your Knowledge Of Music Promotion

Just promoting your music is fairly straightforward, but doing so efficiently and seeing actual results requires a little more nuance. In this quiz we assess just how much you know about contemporary music promotion.


Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

It’s fairly easy to promote your music these days, but being efficient and getting results require you to do more than take a shotgun approach. The following questions are designed to test how much you know about today’s music promotion. Ready? Let’s begin.

1. The three parts to promotion are:

A. communicating, interacting, measuring

B. omni, cardioid and figure 8

C. followers, clients and customers

D. fans, interaction, engagement

2. Record labels sign an artist because:

A. they love the music

B. there’s an audience or potential audience

C. they love the look

D. they have to sign someone

3. How many friends does the average Facebook user have?

A. 155

B. 13

C. 22

D. 312

4. The Theory of 22 states that:

A. every musician is on 22 social networks

B. every artist must create at least 22 videos to succeed

C. a person with a complaint will tell an average of 22 people

D. a person who likes something will tell an average of 22 people

5. People with good news tell an average of:

A. 3 to 5 friends

B. 6 to 12 friends

C. 22 friends 

D. 155 friends

6. Traditional media is made up of:

A. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

B. Google, Apple and Amazon

C. newspapers, magazines, radio and television

D. YouTube, Facebook video, Vevo and Vimeo

7. Social media is really:

A. online video posts

B. online word of mouth

C. Facebook and Instagram posts

D. your website and mailing list

8. What is a brand?

A. It’s higher quality than what’s found in advertising so it looks better

B. a type of advertising

C. the inverse phase law

D. a promise of quality and consistency

9. Things that might identify a brand include:

A. if it’s based on carbon or silicon

B. the color and font

C. the color burgundy

D. traditional or social media

10. The 3 reasons why an online strategy is necessary are:

A. efficiency, effectiveness and message control

B. efficiency, effectiveness and thought control

C. measurement, engagement and message control

D. engagement, effectiveness and message control


1. A6. C
2. B7. B
3. A8. D
4. C9. B
5. A10. C

How did you do? If you got any wrong you might want to check out the latest edition to my Social Media Promotion For Musicians handbook that covers all of the above in depth and much more.

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