Top Music Blogs To Send Your Music To

Once you’ve gone through the laborious process of getting your music written, recorded, and released, you’ll want an actual audience to test it out on. Unfortunately, standing out from crowd can be difficult. Here we look eight of the best blogs for submitting your music to that are most likely to actually take notice.


It’s hard to get your music out there. You go through the whole creative process of making tracks, an EP or album, and then find you have no audience to test your tracks on!

The problem is, there is a lot of music out there. It’s hard to separate yourself from the crowd, to stand out and show your music is really special.

Yet if your music really is as good as you think it is, don’t worry – because there are a whole list of influential music blogs dying to hear your music!

Submitting your music to blogs will really help to grow your following. All you need is to prepare a pitching email, or follow the instructions music blogs lay out for submitting music. Then you just send your music and are good to go!

It is a process that takes a little bit of time, as each music blog is different – but the rewards are an audience and following of your music. Definitely worth it!

Just be aware – never, under any circumstances, send a CC or group email. It might save you time, but ultimately burns more bridges than its worth. Take your time to research each blog individually and craft the perfect opening email for them. You need to sell yourself, your music, and make a connection between what you product and what the site’s genre is. 

Yet there are so many sites out there, it can be hard to know who’s who and who is influential enough to make a difference to you by showcasing your music.

That’s where this article comes in – a handy guide to music blogs that want to hear your music!

1) Indie Shuffle 

Founded in 2009, Indie Shuffle cover a variety of genres (not just Indie!). They share positive reviews of music they feel is worthy and up to their standard – they don’t accept auto-tune, mixes, or YouTubers. They don’t write bad reviews, so everything you read on their website is about music they genuinely love and approve of!

2) HighClouds 

Describing themselves as the music junkies Holy Bible, HighClouds were originally an online radio station. They now focus on album and EP reviews for emerging artists – of all genres!

3) A&R Factory

“A popular music blog, A&R Factory have a big readership – including publishers, record label owners, radio stations, PR executives, managers and licensing firms from all over the world. If you get your EP on their website, you’re surely in for success!” Notes Tanya Ross, a music writer at Australia2write.com and Nextcoursework.com


A magazine and website from London, FACT began in 2003 with a bi-monthly magazine featuring rising stars. They’re well known for finding talent, and they also feature their own branded video content: like a series called Against the Clock, which has featured artists like Lady Gaga’s tour DJ! 

5) Xttrawave

Xttrawave accept music from all artists, all over the world! They cover a variety of genres, from Rap and Hip Hop to EDM, Pop and R&B to Country Music. “Their readership is continuing to grow and they are a well-respected music blog you should definitely check out,”  says Lena Palmer, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent.com and Writemyx.com.

6) IndiePulse 

A music magazine and news site, IndiePulse offer a daily dose of music reviews and interviews. IndiePulse always advocate for the independent music scene and offer a platform for artists to be heard on, IPM Radio. 

7) Xune Mag

Another popular site that seeks to feature new music and interviews from up and coming artists, Xune Mag accept submissions from across the world in just about every genre. They’re definitely worth checking out – they accept musicians who are unsigned and give them the opportunity to be reviewed, interviewed and added to playlists. 

8) Music Ninja

Music Ninja state their mission to be steering listeners away from ‘bad, repetitive music’ towards more creative, indie goodness. We’d say they’ve succeeded! They create playlists from new artists, feature daily updates on emerging artists, and try to find the best of up and coming music there is!Michael Dehoyos is a content marketer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits. Alongside writing at Origin Writings, he helps companies with marketing strategy concepts and contributes to other sites and publications.

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