Twitch For Musicians: How To Build A Fanbase And Make Money

Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily for gamers, but some indie musicians are building fanbases and making real money there.

The latest Music Biz Weekly Podcast hosted by Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert looks at how other musicians can replicate this success

Twitch is not yet over-saturated, so you can gain traction there, and it has monetization features that are fun for the viewers and lucrative for streamers.

A real bonus is that musicians on Twitch are supportive of each other and fans are looking for fun, new talent to hang out with online.

Karen Allen wrote the book “Twitch For Musicians” to teach artists how to get past the learning curve involved with producing a stream, how to navigate the unspoken rules of the music community on Twitch, and how to grow an engaged fanbase that will generate an entirely new stream of revenue.

Learn more and check out the book at http://www.TwitchforMusicians.com.

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