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Why Everyone Needs A Boiler Room Experience

Here Randi Zimmerman delves into the underground EDM phenomenon known as the Boiler Room, an early pioneer of livestreaming music which showcases a broad spectrum of unique dance music performances.


Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Boiler Room captivates underground club culture that spans the entire spectrum of dance music, not limiting itself by industry standards or expectations.

There are those of us who frequent big festivals and mainstream shows. Then, there are those of us who live by the grungy house shows and back alley DJ sets. Boiler Room is for the latter. It’s for those who crave the more artistic, diverse realm of underground EDM sets that last forever, put you in a trance and force you to groove.

What is Boiler Room?

What started as a shaky live stream in a small, beaten down room in the back of an abandoned building in London has blossomed into a live showcase of unique, wickedly diverse, DJ sets from artists you’d otherwise never see, streamed on YouTube for anyone around the world to experience.

Although it can’t be proven whether or not Boiler Room genuinely invented the concept of live streaming music, nobody can deny the importance of the movement they created. Since starting out, they’ve streamed over 3.6 billion minutes of music with 400,000+ viewers tuning in for any given stream.

It grew from a small hobby driven project in 2010 into the iconic live underground music streaming service it is today. So, what about this experience sets it apart from other DJ sets?

The Lineup

Boiler Room knows good music. They showcase only the best of the best. They aren’t compromised by a need to adhere to a specific genre or theme. It’s about raw talent. From Carl Cox to Purity Ring, if they’re good, you can find them in the Boiler Room. Catch techno gods like Richie Hawtin and house masters like Solomun throw down in an intimate setting or from the comfort of your own home. There’s nothing like it.

The Crowd

This type of setting fosters an organic hipster quality to experiencing underground music that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Away from the crowded mainstream city clubs and into a safe space to let loose and genuinely enjoy great, diverse music. There’s a profound difference between the pop club atmosphere and the unique setting the Boiler Room thrives off of.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, this all sounds amazing, but how can I experience this for myself?”

Check the events on their Facebook page and buy tickets before they sell out. Boiler Room sets are happening all over the world, with a range of artists, and various brand partnerships.

If Miami’s your thing then catch the Boiler Room x III Points set happening on Friday, November 29th, 2019 as they hit the second stop on their historic heartlands tour from NYC to LA. We all have a chance to experience intimate underground DJ sets with new voices and figureheads alike.

The Concept of the Black Friday Rave

“We recognize that certain microcosms of communities and subculture are outcasted from broader social and economic platforms that typically capitalize from their ideologies. The Black Friday Rave, is a reunion of these communities to create an arena of meaningful exchange in antithesis to the subjection of capitalism of that holiday. Placing Independent Artists, Vendors, and Event producers in a direct position of social and economic profitability. Placing the Underground, Minority, Fringe, left-field, experimental, obscure in a position where the public can invest, on a day where people already intend to spend.” – Sister System

Partners for this year’s Black Friday Rave: III Points, Boiler Room

The event will encompass 2 stages, one will be streamed worldwide via Boiler Room; art installations, local vendors, food, drinks & more.

Lineup to be streamed: Privacy, Greg Beato, Nick León, INVT, Poorgrrrl

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