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YouTube Music Adds 3 Personalized Discovery Playlists

YouTube Music has added three personalized playlists: Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix.

Like Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar, these new playlists help “keep you up to date on what’s just been released and introduce you to a wider range of artists and sounds based on your personal taste.”

“Updated regularly,” the playlists are based on the user’s individual listening history.

The Details

  • Discover Mix: “Whether introducing you to an entirely new artist you’ve never heard before, or unearthing hidden, lesser-known gems from artists you’re already familiar with, Discover Mix will give you 50 tracks every week that help you expand your musical horizons. With new updates every Wednesday, it’s your go-to playlist to discover music.”
  • New Release Mix: “This mix is your one-stop shop for a playlist of all the most recent releases by your favorite artists (and others we think you’ll like). Expect a big update every Friday (when most new releases drop) along with mid-week releases sprinkled in throughout the week to ensure you are always up-to-date on the latest releases.”
  • Your Mix: “Your Mix is the perfect playlist for those times when you don’t want to think and just want to play something you know you’ll like. It’s full of songs by artists you know and love, and also mixes in some songs and artists you’ve never heard before, but that we think you’ll love. Small updates are made regularly, so the music never gets stale and there’s always something new in rotation.”

Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix are now available globally for all YouTube Music listeners.

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