8 Tips To Promote Your Music Brand On Social Media

While brand is something typically associated with selling products or services, the same principles can be applied to music. Here Jane Evans share eight key tips for effectively promoting your music ‘brand’ across social media.


Guest post by Jane Evans

Brand building is a phrase most people relate to serious businesses that sell products or services, but the truth is that the concept extends far beyond the business realm. Building a music brand is what all artists have to do if they want to leave a good impression and make the audience remember their songs.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to do it is through social networks. The likes of Instagram and Facebook attract billions of users daily, so you must take advantage of this channel to market your work. In this post, we will show you eight essential tips to build a music brand via social media.

  1. Make a Plan

The first tip is to make a plan and decide how to approach social media marketing. Choose only the most relevant platforms because you don’t want to waste time and budget on channels that are not interesting to your audience. You should also use the same profile images for each network.

  1. Create a Schedule

Social networks are flooded with all sorts of content, so you need to be clever and publish posts when your fans are active online. Try to figure out their social media habits and then keep posting consistently. It will help them to identify your brand among many others.

  1. Create a YouTube Account

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and by far the biggest video-sharing platform. In such circumstances, you just have to create a YouTube account and promote the music brand through this platform. It’s an easy way to spread the word about new songs or albums and to let the listeners discover you effortlessly.

  1. Create a Facebook Page

Facebook is the most popular social network that attracts all types of audiences. You need to take advantage of the platform and engage with the followers consistently. This is not only a good tactic to promote the brand but also to boost loyalty among listeners.

  1. Instagram Is a Must

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media as it gathers the majority of younger users. If you want new people to discover your works, you have to take advantage of this network as well.

  1. Take Advantage of Live Streaming

Do you know that over 60% of people aged 18 to 34 watch live streaming content regularly? It’s a super-engaging content format because it feels more natural than other types of posts, thus inspiring users to take action by liking or writing comments.

  1. Don’t Forget to Advertise

You won’t always be able to grab users’ attention organically, so don’t forget to advertise occasionally. Social platforms have amazing targeting abilities and you can exploit the system to reach out to highly specific audiences. 

  1. Collaborate with Other Musicians

The last tip is to collaborate with other musicians and support each other across social networks. It’s a big opportunity for both sides to address new audience groups and hopefully win over additional supporters. 


Social networks have billions of users all over the globe, which makes them ideal for music promotion and brand building. We showed you eight essential tips to build a music brand via social media, so make sure to use our suggestions and allow your songs to reach millions of listeners.

Jane Evans is a digital marketer and a blogger from New York. Jane specializes in music production, but she is also the right person to consult with if you want someone to write my essay online. Jane is the mother of two lovely girls and a passionate supporter of the New York Yankees. 

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