Adding Lyrics To Your Facebook, Instagram: Users Guide

As you may already know, both Facebook and Instagram have integrated a feature where users can add lyrics to their Stories on both platforms, something which could give some artists, particularly those more lyrically inclined, a leg up in promoting their material.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

If you’re not already aware, both Facebook and Instagram offer the ability for users to add your song lyrics to their Facebook and Instagram Stories. While I’ve never considered that essential for music exposure (especially for an artist that isn’t adept at lyric writing yet), it can help in many cases so the feature shouldn’t be overlooked.

This ability isn’t actually a direct function of Facebook or Instagram, but a collaboration with a third party. That would be Musixmatch, which is the largest online catalog of music lyrics and translations. In order to have the words to your songs placed on those two popular platforms, do the following:

1. Make sure you sign up to become a verified artist on Musixmatch.

2. Fill out a New Release Form that will make sure that your lyrics are available when you song is released.

3. Then download the Musixmatch desktop app and sign in.

4. Connect your streaming service.

5. Play your song. You can play it from Spotify, iTunes or Windows Media Player. Musixmatch will determine the lyrics automatically.

6. If you want to add the lyrics manually, simply click “Add lyrics” and type them in.

7. Review and edit your lyrics to make sure everything is perfect.

The whole key here is to do this at least 2 weeks before your release to be sure that your lyrics are available on release day. In fact, that’s a good idea for any platform, but it’s especially critical for Spotify verified artists in that this provides a chance to get on your fan’s personal playlists as the algorithm has some time to to do its thing.

That said, if the words to your songs are important to you and your fans (or you want to make sure that they’re not being misinterpreted), then you’ll want to take advantage of this feature on Facebook and Instagram via Musixmatch.

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