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Music Credits Come Of Age With ‘Sound Credit’

By its very nature, music is a collaborative process, but the individual contributions of musicians, producers, and engineers often receive little to no recognition, particularly as the streaming era has reduced the presence of album liner notes. Here we look at how Memphis-based company Sound Credit is trying to change all that.


Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

For too long, the contributions of musicians, producers and engineers to musical tracks have not received full visibility in the digital age. Unlike back in the day of the LP and CD liner notes, digital streaming doesn’t have the documentation about who contribute to a track, which is something that fans hunger for. Not only that, lack of visible credits make it much more difficult for those behind the scenes to get work as a result.

Memphis-based Sound Credit is trying to change that though. At the Creator Credits Summit held in Stockholm, Sweden in November, the company celebrated breakthrough integrations that help improve the payment of royalties as well as integration into all Avid Pro Tools and Pro Tools|Ultimate subscribers as part of Avid’s Loyalty Rewards program. This feature is available at no cost to the end user.

Sound Credit now has users on 50 countries, no bigger than Warner Music Nashville artist Blake Shelton, who recently received a Grammynomination for his track “God’s Country”, has pushed forward in the movement to give credit where credit is due. The release showed just how easily the process can work. Information gathered during the recording of the track using Sound Credit was delivered to Warner Music Nashville in a standardized digital format called Recording Information Notification (RIN). From there, the credits were ultimately delivered to streaming platforms, who have also made a commitment to credits. 

Credits are the lifeblood of the recording industry. It’s vitally important to everyone involved in the making of a recording to receive credit for their work since it’s essential for more work in the future. Sound Credit is an easy way to ensure that can happen in the future. It’s free and easy, and takes very little time to ensure that the credit is give where credit is due.

You can get started with Sound Credit here.

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