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Soundcloud Hits High Note: $200M Revenue Run Rate, 200M Tracks

[UPDATED] New UK filings show Soundcloud revenue increasing from $102 million in 2017 to $127 million in 2018. But that’s just the start of the good news for Soundcloud, a platform that came within weeks of running out of money in 2017.

Soundcloud just ended the year with the strongest sequential financial quarters in the company’s history, achieving a $200 million gross revenue run rate for the first time in 4Q 2019.

 “SoundCloud’s 2018 annual report filed to Companies House shows substantial revenue growth and continued loss reductions vs. 2017,” a spokesperson told MBW. “2019 results will be filed later this year, but we are pleased to report SoundCloud surpassed its full-year growth plans for the second year in a row, increasing revenue to $127 million.”

Important Stats

  • 200 million tracks
  • 55,000 uploaded every day
  • 69.6% of its total revenues in 2018 came from the United States including 63.9% of global subscription and 88.8% of ad revenues

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