X Factor Runner Up Scores 10K TikTok Covers In 2 Weeks, Lands In 20K Release Radars [Case Study]

In this piece, we break down how X factor finalist Lauren Murray was able to take her talents to TikTok, in a Mariah Carey Remix which was soon featured on over 10,000 songs.


Guest post from Go Viral…In A TikTok

After being one episode away from appearing in The X Factor Finals 4 years ago, where she performed Mariah Carey twice on the show and earned praise from Adele as her favorite finalist of the season, Lauren Murray took her talents to TikTok as a featured vocalist on a remake of Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’.

On the first day of the campaign, over 1,000 TikTok videos were made to the track. After 2 weeks of the campaign, which was seeded into 5 TikTok Influencer’s accounts, over 10,000 TikTok videos were made to the song.

After the first 2 weeks, the results were incomparable:

  • Over 50% of the videos created by the TikTok community participated in the dance challenge initiated by our influencers
  • Over 10 Million views were achieved by the videos featuring the song
  • Videos were shared over 15,000 times off platform
  • The traction from TikTok was picked up by Spotify’s Echo Nest algorithm, which scans the web and social networks for trending tracks, seeding the song in almost 20,000 Release Radar Playlists on Spotify one week after the song’s release
  • Over 100,000 Spotify streams were achieved just after 3 weeks of release

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