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Gaana Has 150M Users In India, Dwarfing Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music

Music streaming service Gaana has been passed Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube announcing that it has more than 150 million active users.

“Touching the 150 million users milestone is a testimony to the efforts of our incredible team and our vision to bring the most intuitive and immersive musical experience to our users,” Gaana’s CEO Prashan Agarwal told the Times Of India.

“This achievement will offer us a stronger motivation to leverage our proprietary AI-driven algorithms and newly launched features in newer ways at greater scale to enable the next generation of music-lovers to discover our unending collection of songs and offer them a more immersive and fulfilling experience,” he added.

Spotify touted just 2 million users in India in the Fall of 2019, YouTube Music said in December that it passed 800,000 users. YouTube’s free video service is popular in this country of 1.35 billion.

How Did Gaana Do It?


The Indian streamer is available in more than 20 languages and features localized content for each.


The streamer added in-app voice assistant, sing-along lyrics, Gaana video, an instant app experience and smart downloads and more last year.


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